No Need to Wash Chicken Anymore

ChickenWhen you wash raw chicken, water can splash everywhere spreading bacteria like E.Coli and salmonella. Since cooking kills all bacteria, there is not need to wash it. But it’s still a good idea to spray aah!® before and after handling your chicken. Remember, aah!® is powerful but gentle, so just spray and walk away without any need to rinse.

Use aah!® When Washing Vegetables

Washing vegetables can also spread bacteria. Spray cutting boards with aah!® before and after serving raw veggies or salad.

Refrigerator Doors & Kitchen Cabinets — Perfect for aah!®

HandlesThese high-touch items are hard to clean and are safe harbors for germs. But they’re no match for aah!® Just spray and walk away for the ultimate clean.

Wipes Are Not Enough

Wipes are great for cleaning up visible dirt but they don’t kill all the bacteria hiding on surfaces. They also don’t reach all the crooks and corners where germs hide. But a simple spray of aah!® covers all those hard to reach places to kills germs that are lying in wait to infect your family. Just spray and walk away to keep your home cleaner than clean.

Upholstered Furniture & Rugs Need aah!®

Upholstery and CarpetsSofas and over stuffed chairs are repositories for dirt and crumbs after big game or movie night. A vacuum may pick up the visible dirt, but there is often enough stuff left for germs to have an after game party. aah!® can put an end to the bug post-game show. Just spray and walk away. And since aah!® is color safe, you never have to worry about damaging your soft surfaces.

Bathrooms — The Ultimate aah!® Moment

BathroomsBathrooms are a triple treat. Mold, bacteria and odors are hard to control. It usually takes an army of products, rubber gloves and lots of elbow grease. aah!® was designed to take are of all three products without the gloves. Just spray and wake away for the cleanest, healthiest bathroom in town.

Water Water Everywhere

When pipes burst or basements leak, clean up is a challenge. Getting rid of the water is only half the problem. To prevent mold from taking over, buy or rent a humidifier to take excess moisture out of the air. They spray aah!® everyday on all water-contact surfaces to kill mold on contact. Keep it up until humidity levels are back to normal.

Germs Love Toys

Toy GermsHeavily used toys are a magnet for germs. And they’re often hard to clean. But to keep your kids and pets from unwanted exposure to germs, it’s important to disinfect them on a regular basis. Ordinary disinfectants use harsh chemicals and leave unhealthy residues. With aah!® you can forget about the drudgery. Just spray and walk away on anytime. NSF (The Public Health and Safety Organization) rates aah!® as gentle for use around kids and pets.

aah!® For Sports Gear

Sports GearSports gear can harbor a staggering array of germs. That’s why the smell so bad. But these bugs are no match for aah!® Just spray shoes, pads, gloves and more with aah!® It’s safe for use any type of sports gear and it will kill the germs and the smell fast. Why buy new sports gear when you can freshen it up with aah. Just spray and walk away.

Diaper & Garbage Pails Really Need aah!®

The smell from diaper and garbage pails can be hard to handle. But aah!® was designed to get rid of the world’s worst smells. Just spray and walk away form to eliminate the smells so you can breath again.

All Purpose Odor Eliminator

Unpleasant odors have been recognized as a warning sign of potential risks to human health. Odors are not only warning signs but also maybe the direct cause of some symptoms. aah!® eliminates the odors and does not contain fragrances to cover offensive odor.

aah!® eliminates the following:

  • Stale cooking odors
  • Tobacco smoke odors and smoke odors caused by fire damage
  • Musty mold and mildew odor
  • Urine odors and fecal matter odors
  • Septic, wastewater treatment and lift station odor
  • Garbage and dumpster odors

Kills Mold & Mildew Without Harsh Chemicals

Mold and MildewMold and mildew are fungi that can be found both indoors and outdoors. Molds grow best in warm, damp, and humid conditions, spreading and reproducing by making spores. Mildew requires moisture having an optimal growth range for mildew is 70 to 93 percent relative humidity. Many mold spores can survive in harsh conditions, such as dry conditions, that do not support mold growth.

Using aah!® to eliminate mold and mildew:

  • Proven Mold and Mildew killer with up to seven months of residual effects
  • Safe to use on surfaces traditional molds and mildew killer would damage like marble and carpeting
  • Can penetrate deep into semi-porous surfaces like concrete to kill the root of the problem
  • Urine odors and fecal matter odors
  • Will not harm plants or damage the exterior of your home
  • Doesn’t contain any VOC’s (volatile organic compounds)

aah!® Eliminates Allergens

Allergens affect over 50 Million Americans. Of this group, approximately 10 Million people are allergic to cat dander, the most common pet allergy.

Benefits of using aah!® to eliminate allergens:

  • aah!® is Hypoallergenic and is not an allergen trigger
  • Proven effective against cat, dog, rodent dander, dust mite and cockroach allergen
  • Can be directly applied to pet bedding
  • Is not a skin sensitizer and will not further aggravate allergy symptoms
  • Can be applied directly to pets and their bedding/sleeping areas

Put an End to Car Odors

Car InteriorsCars, RVs, boats and campers are magnets for germs and odors. Rather than holding your nose or covering the odor with perfume, you can take back control with aah? Just spray and walk away from any surface or corner of vehicle to kills the germs and odors fast.